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An original series about the adventurous 9 year old star, Sanaa Sade, who has a unique ability to create and control vapor. Sanaa Sade was the first complete series created by P8ka in 2016. Get to know Sanaa Sade and her friends in the Sanaa Sade - Original (2016).

Original (2016) - Trailer

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Mobile: Click the menu bar, tap the arrow next to Sanaa Sade's name, select the season

Desktop: Hover over Sanaa Sade's name, select the season


Sanaa Sade was first launched as a children's clothing brand back in 2014. Sanaa Sade has put on 3 successful fashion shows in Kansas City, MO, St. Louis, MO, and Houston, TX. See our Kansas City models below.


Sanaa Sade - Fashion Show 2016

Sanaa Sade New and Improved

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Coming Soon...

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